The Carlos W Power Team offers the following services, becoming a one-stop vehicle service centre, where all your possible service needs can be accurately and effectively satisfied. Please feel free to contact us at any time, should you require any additional assistance or information.


Carlos W Power only employs qualified service technicians and can service and/or repair most makes and models of vehicles, according to the manufacturer’s handbook. For an exact quotation, simply contact us and provide as much detail as possible (make, model, year and mileage of the vehicle). A service advisor will contact you with a quotation within 24 hours (Monday to Thursday). Should you request a quotation on a Friday or during a weekend, please allow 2 working days for a quotation to be supplied.

We only perform the exact service that is required. No additional work will be carried out without the owner’s prior permission. You only pay for what was required or work completed on your vehicle (with prior arrangement), and an exact breakdown of costs will be provided. Please feel free to discuss any service requirements with one of our friendly service advisors, who will gladly assist you and explain the best service option available to you.

In certain cases – where a service handbook is not available – the Carlos W Power team can also offer you various service options:

carlos-w-power Visual Courtesy Check

Visual Courtesy Check

Something just doesn’t feel right… Suddenly your car seems to be jerking around every bend, takes ages to start, the steering feels a little jittery and a cloud of smoke seems to engulf anyone unlucky enough to be standing behind your car when you pull away from a stop street. In short – Something’s wrong.

Come in to the Carlos W Power service centre, and one of our qualified technicians will gladly perform a courtesy check – FREE OF CHARGE. We will assess the situation, and report the findings on the spot. Should we be able to repair your vehicle right there and then, we will do so immediately. Should the time not be convenient for you, you can arrange for a more suitable time or date to bring your vehicle back for repairs.

This Check will not include computerised diagnosis.

*NOTE: Try to provide as much information as possible with regards to the particular problem, when you bring your vehicle in for a courtesy check. This will enable the technician to make an accurate diagnosis.

Oil Check

Whenever a vehicle is booked in for a scheduled service at Carlos W Power, we will routinely perform an oil change, as well as fit a new oil filter. Remember – Timing for services varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, please consult your service handbook for details (it is widely accepted to allow up to 12 months between oil changes).

Every day driving and traffic put enormous strain on your vehicle’s engine – A quick oil change between scheduled services is always a good option. This will ensure that your vehicle’s engine is clean and functioning at its peak at all times. This will also assist in long-term engine durability.

carlos-w-power Special Services image

Special Services

In addition to providing the above-mentioned services, we also carry out guaranteed checks and repairs for the following:

  • Transmission check and repairs
  • Cambelt check and replacement
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Cooling systems (check, flushing and repairs/replacement)
  • Airconditioning systems (check, flushing and repairs/replacement)
carlos-w-power Tyres, Wheel Balancing image

Tyres, Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment

Tyres require regular attention to perform safely and efficiently. Well looked-after tyres contribute to the vehicle’s comfort, fuel consumption and reduction in road noise. Bring your vehicle in for a quotation –

We pride ourselves in offering competitive rates for all makes of tyres. Fitment is free, while wheel balancing and wheel alignment are charged for at a nominal fee.

You can also bring in your vehicle for a free tyre roadworthy check. One of our technicians will gladly assess the state and wear of your tyres, and make the necessary recommendations.

carlos-w-power batteries image


As the battery runs all the electrical components in your vehicle, it is necessary for the battery and alternator to be checked at regular intervals. Pop in and a spot-check will be performed on these two vital elements of your vehicle. Regular checks are recommended to avoid any unwanted electrical problems, such as not being able to start your vehicle in the morning.

carlos-w-power BRAKES image


Brakes are always checked during a scheduled service (and replaced if deemed necessary – with your prior approval, of course), but if you at any time feel in doubt about the working order of your vehicle’s brakes – Bring your vehicle in for a courtesy inspection. Our qualified technicians can then advise you of the best solution for any braking problems, and arrange for the work to be carried out at your convenience. The brake service also includes the checking of brake fluid levels, and replacement of brake fluid if required. Whether a full brake change, brake fluid replacement or simply a courtesy check is required, the Carlos W Power service centre is the place to go.

Suspension and Steering

Modern suspension and steering systems are made up of many parts and these should be checked periodically. At Carlos W Power, our service technicians are trained to inspect the suspension and steering during every scheduled service. Should your vehicle not be due for a service, but you feel that your vehicle is not performing as it should, please ask for a courtesy check.

Should any fault or defect be found, we can repair the vehicle to the highest standards and your convenience. All parts used are manufacturer guaranteed, and of the highest quality.

TIP: Before bringing in your vehicle for this type of courtesy check, try to make a note of the following (this will enable the technician to make a detailed assessment of the problem):

  • Does the vehicle pull to the left or right?
  • Does the vehicle pull under braking or accelerating or both?
  • From which area does the noise come from?
  • Has the vehicle recently been serviced?

Computerised Engine Diagnostic

Today’s vehicles have complex electrical systems, and intermittent faults can occur at any time. Electrical faults can cause a number of problems in vehicles, including headlight or central locking failures and misfiring. Should any warning lights be visible on your vehicle’s instrument panel, please bring your vehicle in for a routine inspection. Our qualified technicians will do their utmost to resolve the problem efficiently.

Insurance Quotes and Repairs

Unfortunately life sometimes deals us a bad deck of cards – General engine seizure, gearbox failure, cambelts snapping etc. This all requires specialised repair by qualified technicians. Carlos W Power is registered with the major insurance companies – Feel free to contact us at any time, should you require major engine overhauling or repairs. We will do our utmost to ensure your vehicle is repaired and returned to you as soon as possible. Please check with your insurance broker whether you have comprehensive cover for mechanical repairs.